What are ported monitors ?

Ever wondered what are ported (bass reflex) monitors.

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Ported Monitors (Bass Reflex)

A ported or bass reflex monitor speaker has a hole in its cabinet which is called a “Port”. The port helps equalize the pressure build in the cabinet due to movement of the speaker diaphragm. As the diaphragm moves back and forth the air pressure changes within the cabinet and outside. A ported monitor results in efficient movement of sound waves in and out of the cabinet which also helps reduced speaker damage on high levels, However the resultant bass response is not as good as compared to a sealed cabinet design.

The port can be designed in many ways, that all depends upon manufacturer to manufacturer. The port however could either be placed to the front or the rear of the cabinet. The front ported monitor design is good for smaller home studios where space is an issue. When kept close to the walls these FPD monitors won’t be a problem as compared to RPD monitors which could result in an increase in sound level by 3db – 6db due to wall proximity.

A ported design usually comes either in circular or rectangle shapes, these shapes can be divided either with 2 circles or two rectangles, this all depends upon manufactures engineering in their cabinet design.

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