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Looking for cheap and best gear in the market for your studio needs below are few exciting products which would be great for a start.

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Home studio gear, a bang for the buck options:

Home Studio Gear, going out to shop? but as always for home studio owners its a challenge to get the cheap and best gear for the money they have, searching, googling leaves us pulling our hair, yes its tough but not impossible. Here are few options to chooses from, as we say cheap and best a bang for a buck.

Audio Interface


The first in the chain an audio interface. Focusrite is one of the top brands providing excellent solutions for all your pro audio needs, from low to high they have it all. Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface and Recording Bundle with Pro Tools, First.


The second in the chain is definitely a microphone and if its a condenser microphone, you have it all. Great product from a great company Audio Technica the AT 2020 microphone is the real deal. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone.


Third in the chain, after a lovely audio interface and a beautiful microphone next are the monitors to hear that wonderful sound and who does it better for the start. KRK a company which is one the favorites for many artist and studios, this one is for a grab. KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor.


The last but not the least in the chain are the headphones and getting one from the best in the industry yet another wonderful product by Audio-Technica the ATH m50x you cant go wrong with these cans trust me they are just superb start. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (Black)

Not to miss out on the essentials

The studio is set time to make music how about a midi keyboard controller to complete the party, Not to miss out on this one a complete package of keys, faders, knobs and drum pads. The Auturia Keylab Essential 49 is here to compete and complete the game. Arturia KeyLab 49 Essential Keyboard Controller

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