The Beginning

RADOXIUM aka Abhishek, an Electronic Music Producer, born on 22nd October, is the founder of RADOXIUM STUDIO’s, RADOXIUM DIGITAL and RADOXIUM CONSULTANCY. He has been in the industry since the age of 15, starting off as a Dj. He qualified as a Computer Engineer, Audio Engineer and an Electronic Music Producer from London.

Our Journey

Just like any other successful professional our journey has also been through ups and downs. We started off small as a local DJ followed by opening a small independent music production studio where we produced music albums and did collaborative work. Later launched a state of the art studio in the heart of Punjab, at Beautiful City Chandigarh! There we recorded music for renowned artists, music producers and maestros. Our next big venture was the opening of RADOXIUM studio, in New Delhi. With this we took a step further and spread our wings into teaching, training, consultancy and digital marketing.

Way Forward

Future certainly holds more than this, we are committed to deliver the best to our clients and take ourselves to newer heights. We are now endorsing new dimensions by inviting parties for newer collaborations to achieve bigger goals together.