6 Tips Help You Choose The Right Studio Monitors

Thinking of getting your self professional monitors for your studio? And that's making you go crazy, yeh that's right it does.

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The Right Studio Monitors

We all go about googling around which ones to buy which ones we should not, should we buy something which is being rated high or someone recommended to you. What size cone would matter, should I go for two way or three way. A lot is there to understand and research.
However there is few simple tip which do come in handy always.

1. Room Size:

  • The most important, even before you go out to buy you first pair of monitors you need to understand how big is you room and is it acoustically treated or not. The bigger the room the better, and if its treated acoustically that is wonderful. However not all of us has the privilege of owing that. Not to worry the rule is simple if you have a small room its better to stick with smaller monitors that range from 5inch – 6.5inch max, anything above this would result in bass build up and frequency problems in the room, delivering false information to our ears.

2. Front Port or Rear Port:

  • The next is to look for the monitors with front port design (FPD), the FPD gives us a better listening experience than to rear ported design (RPD), not to confuse your self with rear port design monitors to sound bad. Its just that in smaller rooms rear port monitors are not recommended. They create frequency problems if placed close to wall. Moreover with the FPD the monitors pushes out air which could help you understand if there is too much bass in your mix. (Read More about FPD & RPD Monitors)

3. Your ears are you best friend, Listen for your self:

  • The best judge are you own ears. Don’t ever go by what is said or mentioned in the reviews or recommendations, it is better to have a listen to the monitors with your own ears and if possible in your own studio environment. I know for most of us its not possible to hear the monitors at your studio but yes you must listen them once at the store. No one can say if a monitor is bad or good its all upto your own listening and understanding. Train your ears listen to hi quality music and stay away form compressed audio formats like mp3’s.

4.Looks can be deceiving brands can be attractive:

  • Most of us fall for the design looks or colours of a monitor, sometimes to match with our studio sometimes we really like a colour and even times when we just fall for those stylish curvy edges and at time we go by brand value. Well that’s all ok if you are buying something for your home, but for your professional studio needs thats not the way you want to go. Brands trick you to buy something which is not worth the pice or performance, but as advised listen and buy.

5.Money is not everything but yes budget is:

  • All of us want the best of the worlds but not all can have it, there is something called a budget. Not to worry there are wonderful monitors out there to choose from, saying that low budget monitors are not good, well that’s not correct, there are many engineers who have produced and mixed songs just using those low budget monitors and so can you. But then why there are such expensive monitors out there, are they bad? No not at all they are great, If you have a budget to buy those go for it.

6.Service and Support

  • Another important tip to remember is to look for service and support for the product, prefer brands with good support network and preferably in your city or town. If that’s not possible be sure to ask you dealer for the same, after sale support is must.
Monitor SizeRoom Size
5inch – 6.5inchSmall to Medium
6.5inch – 8inchMedium to Large
8inch and aboveLarge

I hope these tips will help you choose your best monitor for your needs. If I have missed any other tip, I would love to know that in you comments.
Thanks. Love Peace Happiness to all.

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